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It's easy to find the right security solution for your home at Franklyn

At Franklyn, we offer a range of products to meet the security needs of your home. We are confident that our security products will stand the test of time, but to give you peace-of-mind we guarantee our products will be free from component and manufacturer defects for 12 months from your date of purchase.

    Product Overview: Security Options

    Prowler Guard

    Made from clear polycarbonate, Prowler Guard can be fitted around the handle of your existing door lock to provide added protection against tampering of the lock.

    Available on Heavy-duty Diamond Grille doors, Prowler Guard, prevents intruders sticking their fingers through the diamond grille and accessing the lock on the inside.

    Reojamb – Anti-jemmy device for Security Doors

    If a security door is forced or jemmied, the timber door jamb is likely to split – compromising your security.

    To solve this problem Franklyn created Reojamb – an anti-jemmy device structured to improve the strength and security of your existing door jamb. Reojamb is installed from top-to-bottom of the entire door height on your door jamb which helps to distribute any impacts, reinforcing the whole door.

    Made from heavy gauge aluminium, and available in many colours, Reojamb will blend unobtrusively with your security door.

    Clawproof Mesh – when used with Diamond Grille Security is resistant to animal scratches

    Clawproof mesh is made from heavy duty PVC coated polyester and is resistant to tears & damage from household pets and children.

    It can also be useful on doors and windows that are in high traffic areas, such as sliding screen doors, etc.

    Triple Security Lock – for Hinged & Sliding Doors

    Hinged and sliding doors with Franklyn Security Grilles can be installed with 3 point locks to deter even the most persistent intruder.

    Triple Security Locks come standard on Crimsafe® and is an optional extra on Diamond Grille and Decorative Doors.

    Petway Pet Doors

    For those with small to medium-sized pets, a pet door is a convenient way to allow pets to move freely between inside and outside of the home.

    Pet doors are built into the security door in a position of your choice. It is important to note that if the opening is too large it could compromise the integrity of the original security.

    Petway pet doors are available in a range of many colours and sizes.

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Franklyn Main Brochure
Yes, Prowler Guard is recommended on Diamond Grille Security Doors for added security, by preventing from accessing the lock on the inside.
Reojamb is manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium, which is designed to reinforce your existing door jamb.
No, Clawproof Mesh is an optional extra, designed to suit households with young children or pets that may cause damage to standard fly screen.
Yes, Triple Locks come standard on all Crimsafe Security Doors.