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Indoor Blinds: Your questions answered

With so many styles, colours and materials to choose from, making the right decision on which indoor blinds fit your home can be daunting. So we’ve put together some of our most frequently answered questions to help you out.

I need a decorative blind for our bedroom that still lets me control the amount of light and privacy. Can you help?

If light control and privacy is important then Roman Blinds are a great solution. Roman Blinds are a stylish and sophisticated window furnishing that make a fantastic room feature, and can be made using a blockout fabric, however, if complete light blockout isn’t what you’re looking for then you can simply select a lighter grade fabric to suit your desire. Depending on the look you’re going for, Roman Blinds are also available with either timber or aluminium battens, which offer you the choice of a casual or more formal look.

When it comes to customised style, Roman Blinds can match almost any room, but selecting the right fabric for the space is important. For a clean and elegant feel to open up the space, a simple white or cream colour is perfect. If you’re wanting to create a feature for your room, select a fabric design that’s bold, colourful and stands out from your current colour scheme.



Roman Blinds can be the perfect fit for any bedroom


What blinds can I use in my sunroom? I’m looking for something simple and elegant.

For a crisp and clean look that can blend perfectly into any room, dress your sunroom windows with Roller Blinds. This style of blind offers you an affordable, elegant and unobtrusive light control option that won’t detract or overpower the space. Selecting the fabric is an important element when choosing blinds for this type of room, so before you make any decisions, think carefully about what you want the space to become. You have a range of options when it comes to fabrics, from a heavy fabric which blocks out almost all of the light, to a ‘sunscreen’ fabric which will filter light.

Roller blinds are a perfect fit for any sunroom as they retract neatly away into a cassette. So when the midday heat has passed, just roll them up and enjoy the afternoon sun.



Roller Blinds give you the versatility to enjoy large window spaces and control light.


Is it possible to have shutters in my bathroom?

Absolutely. Water resistant shutters are ideal for steamy areas, so stay away from timber models. Our Nufusion PVC Plantation Shutters are moisture resistant, flame retardant, hard-wearing and are made with an aluminium core to give it strength and flexibility. Tier-on-tier designs with separate upper and lower panels that open and close individually, provide flexibility and control for your space, which is important if your windows are close to the bath or shower. Franklyn’s NuFusion Shutters also come with a standard 20 year warranty to give you added peace of mind.

Selecting shutters for your bathroom windows is a good option because they are extremely easy to keep clean, which is a big deal when the yearly spring clean rolls around. They also allow you to control the privacy and airflow, making them the perfect fit for your bathroom.



PVC Plantation Shutters offer an elegant option for your bathroom windows.


Can you suggest a blind to suit large windows in my living area?

Large windows can pose a problem for some styles of indoor blinds, however Panel Glide Blinds are designed specifically for this purpose. What makes the Panel Glide Blind so unique is the wide fabric panels that effectively reflect and filter daylight. When open, these panels stack neatly behind one another so that your windows aren’t obstructed. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and creating a private space. As these are fabric blinds, you can choose from either heavy blockout or lighter fabrics, depending on the look and feel you’re going for.

Older style tracking systems can be bulky and take up too much space, but our roller mounted carrier system is lightweight, slim and discreet so you’ll hardly notice it. The panels can also be removed and changed easily, allowing you to customise the look and feel of your space to suit any occasion.



Panel Glide blinds are perfect for large window spaces


Looking for a blind or shutter for our living room, that gives us privacy but still allows light to enter. The room can be a bit dark, so light is extremely important.

Finding the right balance between light diffusion and privacy in a darker room means you’ll most likely need a lightweight fabric design. Sheer Elegance Blinds use lightweight fabric, allowing you to alter the light and adjust the level of privacy. This is a great option for spaces which require both privacy and light. Due to their design, sheer elegance blinds soften the light as it passes through the sheer fabric - meaning privacy is retained and light is maximised.

To complete the design, we can colour co-ordinate the cassette with your chosen fabric to seamlessly integrate the window into your overall home aesthetic.



Sheer Elegance Blinds can maximise the light for your space while retaining privacy.


I need blockout blinds to stop light entering my room, what more should I know?

When choosing blinds for your home, be mindful that people select their blinds for various reasons i.e. light control, privacy, heat control and décor. You should be aware that almost all blinds will allow some light to enter from the surrounding edge where gaps or tolerances are necessary.

For those who require a blind to completely blockout every bit of light from entering the room / home, Franklyn offers a full cassette roller blind with side channels. However, you will need to be mindful that you should not open the window for air flow when the full cassette roller blind is completely down.



Dual Roller Blinds give you both options to have sheer and blockout fabric to suit your needs.


If you’ve got a question about blinds, curtains, or shutters get in touch with us here


What is Crimsafe and why do you need it?

With so many window security and door security products out there in the market, find out more below about our Crimsafe Security Screens made here in Brisbane by Franklyn.

What is Crimsafe? And WHY do you need it?

I’m sure you’ve heard about Crimsafe before, but what exactly is it? And what makes their products work so well?

Crimsafe is an Australian company that has produced a range of industry leading security products for more than 20 years, propelling them to one of Australia’s largest security screen suppliers. Franklyn have become Brisbane’s leading manufacturer of Crimsafe products, and are proud to be associated with such a reputable and important Australian business.

Over the course of their journey to the top of the industry, Crimsafe have provided thousands of Australian homes with high quality security screens, based on two core pieces of technology - Tensile-Tuff® mesh and a patented screw clamp system. However it’s the combination of these two, and what they represent, that makes the difference.

The screw clamp technology is what makes the Crimsafe system strong enough to withstand enormous impacts compared to other systems. The difference lies in the design, where the mesh is screwed directly into the frame of the door or window and clamped down in what amounts to a vice-like grip, using the unique Crimsafe screw-clamp. This combination gives the entire structure more strength by holding the frame together and the mechanical fastening of the clamp to the mesh resists the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. This is also why Crimsafe exceeds the Australian standards for impact and shear testing for security screens.


The patented Crimsafe screw clamp design in both Standard Crimsafe and Crimsafe Ultimate.


Recently, the company had the University of New South Wales’ School of Aerospace and Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy design a rigorous scientific test to determine exactly how much force Crimsafe screens can resist before breaking. They also tested alternative stainless steel security screens bought directly from 9 different competitors.


Performance comparisons between crimsafe and competitors.

The difference in performance between a Crimsafe screen and other security mesh products on the market is significant, and results show that Crimsafe deliver up to 12 times the level of impact resistance required by the Australian standard.

5 Reasons you need Crimsafe today

1. Crimsafe is tough Crimsafe has proven itself to be the toughest security screen product on the market. As the recent tests revealed, Crimsafe security screens are stronger than the Australian minimum standard when it comes to impact resistance. This makes Crimsafe security doors and windows tough, durable and safe, while giving you peace of mind in your own home.

2. Crimsafe does not imprison you Crimsafe keeps intruders out without making you feel like you’re locked away. Due to the Tensile-Tuff mesh design, Crimsafe screens still allow full visibility when looking out of your windows or doors. This means that you get the benefit of maximum light and air flow. Additionally, if you combine Crimsafe security screens with Safe-S-Cape keyless window exits, you can be sure that you and your family can make a quick and easy escape in any emergency.

3. Crimsafe is rust proof: The Crimsafe ‘saltwater Series’ is a standard feature with all Crimsafe products. The special protective Santoprene rubber insulator on all Crimsafe products prevents metals from touching and a unique Teflon gel is injected around all screws.

4. Crimsafe is stylish: Some security doors and screens on the market today are definitely not built with aesthetics in mind, however Crimsafe is both highly effective and attractive. Crimsafe security doors and windows come in a variety of standard colours. While also having the option of custom powder-coating in a range of additional colours.

5. Crimsafe adds value to your home: Installing Crimsafe security doors and windows throughout your house is a long-term investment that will pay off should you decide to sell. For some house buyers, the presence of Crimsafe Security over imitation Crimsafe can be the ‘make or break’ decision point when it comes to making an offer.


Crimsafe also have a range of Safe-S-Cape window exits including hinged window exits.

You can find out more information on the range of Crimsafe Security Screen products under our Security section on our website or by speaking with one of our specialist staff.

Aluminium Shutters take the burn out of summer

With summer just around the corner we take a look at Aluminium Shutters and their suitability for our harsh conditions here in Brisbane.

Aluminium Shutters Take the Burn Out of Summer Outdoor Living

Summer is getting close, but can your home handle the heat?

Australians love the outdoors, especially during the Summer months. It’s the time of year to kick back, relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends around a barbeque. But finding a balance between letting the natural world in and protecting your family from the harshest summer temperatures is the challenge which homeowners in Queensland know only too well.

Blockout fabric Awnings have traditionally been used for outdoor areas which are hit by direct afternoon sun, like decks and patios. However, Aluminium window shutters are growing in popularity, and not only because they can add a touch of modern style to your home.



Outdoor Shutters offer a stylish solution to keeping outdoor areas cool in summer.


A recent study from The University of Newcastle School of Engineering compared the most popular types of window coverings, with thermal performance measured by the percentage of temperature difference achieved. The study tested a range of window covering types including shutters, blinds and curtains made from different materials including polystyrene, aluminium, basswood, thermo PVC and western red cedar. They found that shutters performed better than blockout blinds and curtains when comparing the temperature difference recorded over a 9 hour period, and more specifically Aluminium shutters created a space that was 27.5% cooler on average over the course of the test.

What this study really showed, was that shutters can play an important functional role in the home beyond their aesthetic appeal. Window shutters should be selected based on their ability to control the amount of light, air and heat in the home. These abilities determine the thermal performance of the shutter, which should be an important factor in the selection process given the rising energy costs in Australia and the need to create liveable outdoor spaces.

Coupled with their excellent heat control, Aluminium Shutters are the hardest wearing and most versatile exterior solution. They are lightweight yet incredibly strong. The louvres can be tilted to allow light through without compromising on privacy. They’re also extremely easy to clean, as they just need to be hosed down and left to dry. Shutters can also protect an outdoor area from prevailing winds that might wreak havoc on your afternoon table spread.



Shutter louvres can be rotated to protect against prevailing winds, while still allowing light to enter.


Aluminium shutters also represent a stylish design element that adds a sophisticated touch to any home. However, the wide choice of styles, materials and colours often makes decision-making difficult for designers and homeowners when selecting the most suitable shutter for their application.

One of the most frequently asked questions our staff encounter when it comes to shutters revolves around the opening mechanism. Here are four types of openings which can be fitted when installing Aluminium Shutters:

Fixed Opening

As the name suggests, fixed opening shutters have panels ‘fixed’ in place and cannot be opened. The louvres can still be rotated to allow airflow and light to enter your space when required.


Fixed Opening Shutter system.


Hinged Opening

Hinged openings are fixed on one side of the shutter with a hinge, allowing the panels to be opened completely. The Shutters function the same way, by allowing louvres to be rotated for airflow and light protection.


Sliding Opening

 If the windows you are covering are shallow and space is at a premium, a sliding opening system could work for your space. Each shutter slides on a track system, allowing them to stack at each end of the window opening. While this will reduce the width of the window opening due to the shutters stacking at each end, it is perfect for longer and wider windows, and the shutter blades can still be rotated.


Sliding Opening Shutter system.


Bi-Fold Opening

Bi-Fold shutter opening systems allow you to maximise the window opening space, by folding the shutters on themselves with a typical bi-fold design. As with all Shutters, the louvres can be independently opened and closed, giving you more options for controlling light and wind conditions.  


Bi-Fold Opening Shutter system.

Outdoor Blinds: Your questions answered

Summer will be here before we know it, so we thought we would outline a few common questions we get regarding some of the Franklyn Outdoor Blinds.

Outdoor Blinds: Your Questions Answered

With so many styles and options, Franklyn has the Outdoor Blind that’s right for you.

Our experienced staff know their Outdoor Blinds, so much so that we’ve been able to put together these Frequently Asked Questions for each of our Outdoor Blind product styles. If you’ve got a question about our blinds, we’ve got the answer.

If your question hasn’t been answered below, you can send your question to one of our experienced staff.


Cafe Blinds


The Cafe Blind is operated by using a simple cord and pulley system, and achieves weatherproofing by the use of heavy duty zippers down both sides.

Why Is It Called A Café Blind?

Café Blinds acquire this name due to the demand for complete weather protection for commercial operating cafes. Many cafes choose Clear or Tinted PVC as it prevents rain and wind from entering the dining areas and affecting their patrons. If you’re looking for complete climate protection for your home entertaining area, Cafe Blinds are a great choice. 

Can You Zip The Café Outdoor Blinds Together?

 Yes, Franklyn Café Blinds have zipped, spline sides which enable them to be joined to other café blinds. This creates the complete climate protection which commercial cafe’s need.

What Is The Maximum Width Of A Café Outdoor Blind?

Franklyn recommend a maximum width of 3.9m.

What Are The Benefits Of A Café Blind?

Café Blinds are suitable for raked roofs, and are fantastic in keeping outdoor entertaining areas warm in winter and dry during the summer storm season.

Interested in a Cafe Blind for your home? You can see our full range here on the Franklyn website here. Don’t forget, we also offer a free measure and quote service.


Multi Stop Channel Blinds


The specially designed end caps fitted to the bottom rail create this unique locking mechanism.

What Is A Multi-Stop Channel Blind?

The Franklyn Multi-Stop Channel is a unique Outdoor Blind featuring an easy to use spring-assisted operation feature which allows the blind to be stopped at any height desired. It’s the perfect solution for an outdoor entertainment area.

What Is The Maximum Width Of The Multi-Stop Outdoor Blind?

The Franklyn Multi-Stop Blind has a recommended width of 4.5m.

Can The Multi-Stop Blind Be Motorised?

Unfortunately multi-stop blinds cannot be motorised. For motorised outdoor blinds please see the Franklyn Heavy Duty Blind, Wire Guide or Zipscreen Blind product range for motorisation.

Is The Multi-Stop Channel Blind Easy To Use?

Yes, The Multi-Stop Channel Blind is a best seller at Franklyn due to its ease of operation and affordability.

Interested in a Multi Stop Channel Blind for your home? You can see our full range here on the Franklyn website here. Don’t forget, we also offer a free measure and quote service.


Crank Operated Blinds


The Crank Operated Straight Drop blind is ideal for areas that need protection from the sun and light breeze.

Is The Crank Operated Blind Easy To Use?

Yes, this Crank Operated Outdoor Blind is easily operated with a crank handle.

What Is The Maximum Width Of The Crank Operated Blind?

Franklyn recommend a maximum width of 5.5m.

Does This Outdoor Blind Protect My Home In Storms?

No, Franklyn recommend that all outdoor blinds be retracted during high winds and storms.

Is A Weatherbox Required For This Outdoor Blind?

Franklyn do recommend a weatherbox for the crank operated outdoor blind, however it is not required.

Interested in a Crank Operated Blind for your home? You can see our full range here on the Franklyn website here. Don’t forget, we also offer a free measure and quote service.


Wire Glide Blinds

Guided by stainless steel wires, the wire guide blind is the first choice for high openings requiring longer blinds.

What Is The Maximum Width Of The Wire Guide Blind?

Franklyn recommend a maximum width of 5.8m for the Wire Guide.

Why Is It Called The Wire Guide Blind?

The Wire Guide Blind is guided by stainless steel wires, which offer a sleek and unintrusive appearance which is popular for high openings.

Can The Wire Guide Blind Be Motorised?

Yes, the Wire Guide Blind is available with both motorisation and crank handle operation.

What Is A Outdoor Blind Weatherbox?

A weatherbox is designed to protect the outdoor blind from the harsh weather conditions when retracted. Franklyn Outdoor Blind weather boxes are available in 4 standard colours.

Interested in Wire Glide Blinds for your home? You can see our full range here on the Franklyn website here. Don’t forget, we also offer a free measure and quote service.


Zipscreen Blinds

Patented technology using the z-Lock provides a perfect seal.

What Is The Maximum Width Of The Zipscreen Blind?

A standard Zipscreen can span to 5.8m however the new Zipscreen Extreme can span up to 7m.

Is there a zip in the blind?

Yes the Zipscreen Outdoor Blind uses a unique zip side retention system.


Zipscreen also is available in clear PVC

The Clear PVC Zipscreen Blind is great at keeping the warmth in and the bugs out, and you have a perfect view.

Interested in Zipscreen Blinds or Zipscreen Extreme for your home? You can see our full range here on the Franklyn website here. Don’t forget, we also offer a free measure and quote service.