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The Cafe Blind is operated by using a simple cord and pulley system, and achieves weather proofing by the use of heavy duty zippers down both sides. As the blind rolls up from the bottom, this outdoor blind is suitable for raked roofs and openings and is a popular choice for weather protection.

    Product Overview: Cafe´ Blind

    The Café blind is a very popular choice when creating a cost effective rain and wind protected area for both domestic and commercial situations. The Café blind can be used to cover large areas with numerous blinds joined together using multiple zippers.

    Features & Benefits

    • Suitable for raked roofs and openings.

    • Uniquely concealed heavy duty zippers.

    • Keep areas warm in winter so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.

    • Clear or tinted PVC Cafe Blinds provide wind and rain protection all year round.

    • Solar fabrics provide sun, privacy and UV protection.

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• Borders and sail tracks available in 4 standard colours.

• Lifting Cord is available in 3 standard colours.

Café Blinds acquire this name due to the demand for complete weather protection for customers dining cafes. Many cafes choose Clear or Tinted PVC as it prevents rain and wind from entering the dining areas.
Yes, Franklyn Café Blinds have zipped, spline sides which enable them to be joined to other café blinds.
Franklyn recommend a maximum width of 3.6m.
Café Blinds are suitable for raked roofs, and are fantastic in keeping outdoor entertaining areas warm in winter.